HVAC Considerations: The Beginning of Daylight Saving Time

HVAC Considerations: The Beginning of Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving TimeThe beginning of daylight saving time is right around the corner, so you’ll soon need to move your clocks ahead to gain an extra hour of sunlight each day. The functionality of your HVAC system is another key consideration during this seasonal time change, so be sure to take the following steps so it stays in perfect sync as you spring forward:

Check the Time on Your Thermostat Display

Most programmable thermostats today have a built-in clock adjustment feature that takes care of daylight saving time changes, but it’s worth verifying that yours makes the change automatically. If not, you can set it ahead by one hour on Sunday, March 11,th so your established HVAC preferences stay on schedule.

Make Warm Weather Programming Adjustments

The spring time change also signals that you’ll need to switch from heating to cooling soon. During this transitional period, you may want to make some short-term adjustments to your comfort settings. Once you’ve made the switch to cooling mode, make sure you input your summer temperature setting changes to minimize your energy consumption when no one is at home during the day, and at night when everyone in the household is usually sleeping.

Schedule Semi-Annual System Maintenance

Tackling HVAC adjustments for daylight saving time is the perfect reminder to book your spring preventive maintenance appointment. To get your equipment well-prepared for the approaching cooling season, make sure your technician takes care of essentials like cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils, checking the refrigerant level, cleaning the blower unit, and flushing the condensate drain system.

Replace Your Thermostat’s Backup Batteries

Installing new batteries in your thermostat now can save you the stress of inputting all your lost programming in the event of a power outage. When you’re replacing batteries in this one device, it’s a good opportunity to put fresh ones in all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well, so your home and family are fully protected.


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