Positives and Negatives of Using Solar Power

Positives and Negatives of Using Solar Power

Positives and Negatives of Using Solar PowerIf you want to save money on your home’s heating and cooling energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint, switching to solar power may be the answer. Going solar offers some distinct advantages, including:

  • Long-term energy savings. A properly-sized solar energy system has a expected lifespan of 25—30 years and can provide up to 84 percent of your household’s annual electricity needs, so you can expect to see significant, long-term savings on your monthly power bills.
  • Enhanced home value. Having solar in place when you decide to sell can make your home more attractive and valuable to energy-conscious buyers who want to make the switch to solar.
  • Security against rising energy costs. Right now, electricity rates in Georgia are fairly low, but we have the sixth-highest yearly energy costs in the country because of our hot, humid climate. When you’re able to generate your own electricity to offset most of your HVAC operating costs, you won’t have to worry about future rate increases and higher utility bills.
  • Reduced reliance on fossil fuels. When you install solar, you’re doing your part to reduce the carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels, which is vital if we want to halt global climate change.

Along with the many benefits of solar power, there are a few potential drawbacks that you need to consider:

  • Rooftop installation isn’t always feasible. This is the most common installation method, but it may not work for you due to factors like your roof’s orientation, pitch, material and age, as well as issues like homeowners’ association restrictions.
  • High upfront costs. In addition to the cost of the various system components, you’ll have the expense of site preparation and installation. Plus, solar-ready HVAC components cost more than standard heating and cooling equipment.
  • Not enough energy production. The weather and the number of solar modules in your system can limit the amount of electricity that’s generated, so it may not produce enough to meet all your energy needs.

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