Why Dealers Tell You to Register Your HVAC Products

Why Dealers Tell You to Register Your HVAC Products

Why Dealers Tell You to Register Your HVAC ProductsReplacing your home’s HVAC equipment is a big expense, and it’s also a critically-important investment in your family’s comfort. Due to its high cost and value, you need to make certain that your new equipment is well-protected by a manufacturer’s warranty. The specifics of your warranty coverage will vary based on the brand and type of equipment, but reputable HVAC dealers will tell you to register your purchase as required by the manufacturer.

Why Registering Your HVAC Equipment is Important

Following your manufacturer’s guidelines on product registration can ensure that you have coverage for breakdowns and failures due to factory defects in the equipment, but it also allows the company to alert you about recalls and key updates. The importance and benefits of registering can differ between manufacturers:

  • With some companies, you have to register within their required time-frame or the warranty is null and void, which leaves you without any coverage.
  • Some manufacturers don’t cancel the coverage entirely if you don’t register, but they’ll shorten the warranty length significantly, so you lose out on valuable protection.
  • Other reputable brands – Lennox is one example – still give you a full standard warranty even if you don’t register. However, they encourage registration by doubling the parts coverage on new equipment that’s registered within 60 days.
  • Brands like Lennox also let their dealers offer beneficial warranty upgrades on certain equipment models if you register on time, like optional “complete care coverage” for repair and labor costs.

What Registering New HVAC Equipment Typically Entails

The exact process involved in registering new HVAC products can vary depending on your equipment brand. With some, you’ll get a card to complete and mail in to the manufacturer. Other companies offer the convenience of easy online registration. With most, you’ll need to provide basic relevant information, so be sure to have your equipment’s model and serial numbers handy, as well as the installation date.


For more advice about the importance of registering your HVAC equipment, or for help registering a new HVAC purchase made for your Peachtree City home, contact us today at Powers Heating & Air.

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