The Importance of Cleaning Your A/C’s Condensate Drain Line

The Importance of Cleaning Your A/C’s Condensate Drain Line

The Importance of Cleaning Your A/C’s Condensate Drain LineYour HVAC system plays an important role in maintaining a comfortable level of relative humidity in your home. That’s crucial in our climate, especially during our humid summers. Too much humidity can make us feel warmer, spurring the need to turn down the thermostat and quickly cool off — thus, wasting energy. To ensure that your air conditioner is able to maintain the right level of humidity, your condensate drain line should be cleaned annually. Here’s why.

Condensation and the HVAC System

As your air conditioner cools the home, return air is drawn into the system, allowing moisture from the home to condense on the evaporator coils. From there, the moisture is channeled into the condensate drain and is expelled from the home.


Over time, the evaporator coils may become dirty, particularly if the air filter isn’t regularly changed. When moisture meets that layer of dirt, a kind of sludge can form, accompanied by mold, algae and bacteria. When it enters the condensate line, it can form a barrier to the free flowing of the moisture. The line can get plugged up, and the drain pan, which is shallow, may fill up with water and overflow.


When this happens, flooding may occur in your home. Some of the signs of condensate line stoppage are these:

  • dripping sounds in your interior HVAC cabinet
  • puddles on the floor near your interior unit
  • for attic units, water stains on the ceiling or wall near the unit
  • higher levels of humidity in the home


The solution for a plugged condensate line is to have it cleaned. Your HVAC technician can perform this task during annual maintenance and may pour a mixture of water and bleach through the line to clean it out. A wet/dry shop vac may also be used with a special attachment to suction out the plug.

To prevent your condensate line from being plugged up, change your air filter regularly, and have the evaporator coils and condensate line cleaned every year.


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