Spring HVAC Problems: Normal or Not?

Spring HVAC Problems: Normal or Not?

Spring HVAC Problems: Normal or Not?If you have a basic understanding of how your HVAC system functions like most homeowners, it can be difficult to know if certain situations are normal, or if your equipment needs the attention of an experienced HVAC pro. To help you decide when to call for help, here are some common spring HVAC problems along with guidance on what’s normal, and what’s not.

Unusual Sounds

You expect to hear normal noises from your HVAC equipment, like the whir of a fan, the hum of the outdoor unit or the sound of air moving through the ductwork. If you hear new/unusual noises like rattling, clanking, hissing or high-pitched shrieking, though, call in an expert to find out why.

Water Leaks

A/Cs and heat pumps condense water during the cooling process, but if there’s a pool of liquid on the floor near your air handler unit, it’s not normal. A technician may need to correct an insufficient slope on the drain line, or simply flush the condensate drainage system to clear an algae blockage.

High Humidity

If your indoor air always feels too sticky, and mold is thriving in moisture-prone areas like the bathrooms, don’t hesitate to have your HVAC system assessed. You may be advised that an equipment upgrade is warranted, or it’s time to have a whole-house dehumidifier installed.

Soaring Energy Bills

An increase in your electric rate or your consumption can cause a rise in your monthly energy bills, but an unexplained increase can point to trouble with your HVAC system. After investigating, a technician may advise that it’s related to a decline in efficiency due to older equipment, ductwork deficiencies, or dirty cooling coils.

Strange Smells

Under normal conditions, the air coming from your registers shouldn’t have any noticeable smell. If you’re getting the scent of acetone, dirty socks or burnt wiring, you need to find out why. An HVAC pro might discover a refrigerant leak, an overgrowth of mold or algae, or a fire hazard due to malfunctioning electrical components.


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