Understand What a Humming Air Conditioner Means

Understand What a Humming Air Conditioner Means

Understand What a Humming Air Conditioner MeansYou’re probably used to hearing a steady, low humming sound when your air conditioner is operating, and this is perfectly normal. However, if your humming air conditioner is producing more of a loud buzzing noise, it can be a sign of a problem in the system that needs further investigation.

What Causes Concerning A/C Humming Sounds?

There are a number of potentially-serious issues that can produce a buzzing or humming noise in a central A/C. The underlying cause can pose a danger of equipment damage that requires a costly repair or equipment replacement, or it may put your family’s safety and well being in jeopardy. If you hear a loud humming/buzzing noise coming from any of the following areas, shut down your cooling system right away and call a reputable HVAC pro for help:

  • Indoor evaporator coil. If you hear unusual humming from inside the air handler, the evaporator coil may have iced up. Once the A/C is shut down, place a container under the coil to catch the liquid as it defrosts. Afterwards, you can try restarting the system, but if the coil freezes again, you’ll need an expert diagnosis.
  • Blower unit. If the blower fan motor seizes up but is still receiving power, it can produce a distinctive buzzing noise.
  • Outdoor compressor/condenser. A loud humming originating in your outdoor unit might be caused by a failed contactor relay switch, in which case the unit won’t start up. Or, a technician might discover that the fan motor has failed and needs replacement.
  • Electrical components. Loose electrical connections or wiring anywhere within the system that produces a buzzing sound is a sign of arcing. When this occurs, there’s a risk of fire, so the situation needs prompt investigation.
  • Breaker panel A loud buzzing coming from inside your home’s main electrical panel might be due to a faulty A/C breaker that’s being overloaded but won’t trip. This is a hazardous situation that needs immediate attention from a licensed pro.

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