3 Spring Storm Preparation Steps for Your HVAC

3 Spring Storm Preparation Steps for Your HVAC

3 Spring Storm Preparation Steps for Your HVACSpring is here, and with it come the flowers, the birds — and the storms. You probably know the basic precautions to take to protect yourself and your home, but there’s one thing you might not have thought of: your HVAC system. It sits outdoors, and while it’s designed to withstand inclement weather, it doesn’t do as well in extreme conditions. Here are three storm preparation tips for protecting your HVAC system.

Cover the unit.

While your system can hold up against ordinary rain, it’s still susceptible to flooding. Get a cover to fit over your outdoor unit, made of waterproof material, such as plastic. You can buy HVAC covers or make one yourself, as long as it’s watertight and fits your unit’s dimensions snugly. This will protect it against water damage.

Clear the yard.

Anything in your yard that’s not permanently fixed in place should be placed in the garage or brought inside. This includes tools and toys that may be lying around, as well as lawn chairs and the like. If you have a dog house, either make sure it’s affixed securely to the ground, or bring it inside (along with the dog, of course). If these objects get caught in the wind, they can be hurled at your HVAC unit at great speed, causing serious damage.

Protect against hail.

Storms often mean more than rain. There might be hail as well. A bombardment of hailstones can ding up your HVAC unit and even cause damage such as decreasing airflow or lowering overall efficiency. Therefore, an essential part of spring storm preparation is hail guards. A specially designed mesh netting can be attached to your unit to shelter it from hail and keep it safe throughout the storm.


Finally, always make sure your HVAC system is switched off at the thermostat before a storm hits. Especially if there’s lightning, having the system running can be dangerous. But with a little preparation, your HVAC unit will be prepared to weather any storm.


For more storm preparation advice, contact us at Powers Heating & Air. We proudly serve Peachtree City’s HVAC needs.

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