Hide Your Outdoor HVAC Unit Without Affecting Efficiency

Hide Your Outdoor HVAC Unit Without Affecting Efficiency

Hide Your Outdoor HVAC Unit Without Affecting EfficiencyThe outdoor portion of your HVAC system isn’t very attractive, but it houses essential cooling components that need ample airflow to work efficiently. There are a variety of ways you can hide an outdoor HVAC unit from view, so long as you allow two feet of clearance around it so that:

  • Air flows easily through the condenser coil. Ample airflow not only helps keep your HVAC system operating at maximum energy efficiency, but it also prevents unnecessary wear that leads to breakdowns and premature equipment failures.
  • There’s ease of access. Adequate space around the outdoor unit gives your HVAC technician plenty of elbow room to perform annual preventive maintenance or make needed repairs.

Efficiency-Wise Ways to Hide Your Outdoor Unit

There are lots seasonal and permanent options available to help conceal an outdoor unit so it doesn’t detract from your home’s curb appeal. Here are four ideas to consider:

  • Install some lattice. You can create an attractive visual barrier with good ventilation using just three panels of lattice and four posts. Depending on your taste, you can choose low-maintenance resin lattice in an array of colors, or use wood lattice and stain or paint it to co-ordinate with your exterior palette.
  • Put up a fence. For a fence that provides ample air movement, use stone or bricks in an open-weave design, or spaced pickets topped with stylized birdhouses. For a more streamlined look, start with recycled pallets and paint the slats to match your outdoor color scheme.
  • Use a screen. Three-sectioned screens come in all sorts of styles, like woven bamboo, wicker, carved wood and cut metal that develops a distinctive patina. With a screen, there’s no need for permanent posts, and you can fold it up and store it away when winter arrives.
  • Go green. For a natural, lush look, plant easy-care evergreens or ornamental grasses. If you’d prefer a less permanent option, go for varied-height potted plants that can be moved indoors when the weather turns chilly.

For more ways to hide your Peachtree City home’s outdoor HVAC unit without compromising efficiency, contact us at Powers Heating & Air.


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