Why Crawl Space Safety is Important

Why Crawl Space Safety is Important

Why Crawl Space Safety is ImportantCrawl space safety is a real concern, because someone may need to venture into this potentially-dangerous area underneath your home periodically to inspect or repair gas lines, water or sewer pipes, HVAC ductwork or structural components. By definition, crawl spaces are confining and hard to move around in, plus they can contain all sorts of hazards, such as:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Exposed electrical wiring
  • Pesticides, toxic chemicals or flammable gas vapors
  • Asbestos or fiberglass insulation
  • Stagnant or contaminated water
  • Insects, snakes and rodents
  • Bacterial and viral pathogens

How to Minimize Crawl Space Safety Hazards

There are steps you can take to create a safer crawl space:

  • Reduce the amount of moisture that gets under your home by properly maintaining your gutters so they redirect rainwater away from the structure, and make sure that the soil around your home’s perimeter slopes away from the foundation.
  • Get your crawl space professionally inspected and cleaned to remove potential hazards, then have it well insulated, get a vapor barrier installed, and add a dehumidifier if it’s recommended.
  • Have the space assessed to ensure that you or a contractor can enter and exit with ease, and move about in all areas without getting injured or trapped.

Working Safely in Your Crawl Space

Because of the dangers of working in confined spaces, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) recently set new requirements for workers going into areas like a crawl space. To meet them, any company you hire to perform work in the space underneath your home should assess it for safety concerns, and if necessary:

  • Perform tests to check for flammable vapors, toxic airborne contaminants and the oxygen content.
  • Apply for and post a permit.
  • Only allow properly-trained employees into the space, and have someone outside monitoring the worker’s safety.

When you need to venture into your home’s crawl space, make sure that you wear protective gear, take your cell phone with you, and carry a flashlight.

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