Ways Trees Can Lead to HVAC Savings

Ways Trees Can Lead to HVAC Savings

Ways Trees Can Lead to HVAC SavingsThere are many good reasons to plant trees. They are beautiful. The right trees provide habitat for wildlife. They help clean the world of carbon emissions. And, they cool off your home and landscape.


We all know that trees help make our outdoor areas more appealing for relaxation and entertainment. But trees can also result in HVAC savings — that is, lower utility bills. Read on to find out how.

How Trees Can Lower Your Utility Bill

Trees, planted strategically to block solar radiation from your home and your HVAC condenser, can help your air conditioner run cooler and help you save money. Trees help keep sunlight from entering your home through windows. When shading the roof, they keep home temperatures down. Trees that shade the condenser allow the air conditioner to run cooler, so there’s less heating up of components, less friction and smoother operation so the parts last longer.


Moreover, trees actually cool the air through a process called transpiration. They pull water into the tree through roots, and “breathe” it into the nearby atmosphere as a vapor. This vapor has a cooling effect on the air, and can lower the surrounding temperature by as much as 6 degrees. Planting lots of trees around your home can have a noticeably cooling effect.

Choose Trees Wisely

When shopping for trees, imagine how they will impact the landscape when they reach their mature height. Avoid species that shed fibers and seeds that might clog your condenser, as well as species subject to breakage, disease and pests.

Plant With Future Shade in Mind

Think about where the shade from trees will fall as they mature. Plant shorter shade trees on eastern and western sides so they block sun at sunrise and sunset; plant taller trees on the south side to keep the roof from heating up. Locate trees at least 10, or as much as 20 feet from the home to avoid damaging the roof.

Avoid planting trees too close to each other.


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