HVAC Tips and Maintenance for Homes with Pets

HVAC Tips and Maintenance for Homes with Pets

HVAC Tips and Maintenance for Homes with PetsIf you have four-legged companions in your home, you may not realize that a pet can put added strain on your HVAC system. Pet dander, hair and the dust and dirt that’s brought indoors on furry paws can increase how much care your equipment needs, especially when it’s already working extra hard during our extended cooling season. If yours is one of the many Peachtree City homes with pets, here’s what you can do to minimize any adverse impact on your HVAC system:

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Before the outdoor temperature starts to really heat up, make sure you have a skilled HVAC technician visit to thoroughly inspect, clean and tune up your cooling equipment, so it’s in excellent operating condition.

Bathe Your Pets Frequently

Taking pets to the groomer, or bathing and brushing them frequently, can cut down on the amount of loose hair and dander that’s floating around your home. By reducing the quantity of airborne pet debris, there’ll be less getting into your ductwork, and the air filter will stay cleaner longer.

Houseclean More Often

Dusting all the surfaces around your home, vacuuming the floors and baseboards, and wet mopping more often during the summer can help keep pet debris under control and out of your HVAC system.

Replace the Air Filter Regularly

A clean air filter is essential to effectively trap the pet dander and hair that does get pulled into your ductwork through the return registers. To maintain optimal system airflow, you should check the filter monthly, and put in a fresh one when there’s any sign that debris is building up.

Look After the Outdoor Unit

If your pets have free access to the area where your outdoor unit is situated, now’s the time to get proactive about protecting them and your costly cooling equipment from harm. Surrounding the unit with a lattice or picket fence that allows ample airflow can be a good solution, and it offers the bonus of hiding that unattractive metal cabinet from view.


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