Fun Ways to Teach Kids about HVAC and Energy Efficiency

Fun Ways to Teach Kids about HVAC and Energy Efficiency

Fun Ways to Teach Kids about HVAC and Energy EfficiencyAs parents, we want our kids to have fun, but we also want them to learn how to be energy-wise future Peachtree City homeowners. Teaching kids about HVAC and energy efficiency now will give them practical knowledge they can put to good use when they own a home. Here are some suggestions on how to make learning about efficiency and HVAC more enjoyable:

Make HVAC Maintenance Memorable

When you have an HVAC maintenance visit planned, ask your technician if the kids can observe from a safe distance, and explain what’s being done and how maintenance keeps the equipment running efficiently so it uses less energy. Then, have your kids help you complete in-between maintenance tasks like checking and changing the air filter, hosing down the outdoor condenser coil, and dusting/vacuuming all the registers.

Give Rewards for Good Energy Habits

Make a game of learning good energy habits by giving your kids a reward for completing tasks that boost HVAC energy efficiency — like making sure the door is shut when they go outdoors, or always turning on the exhaust fan when they shower.

Make Improving Efficiency a Family Activity

Explain to your kids how making your home more efficient impacts your heating and cooling energy use, and your utility bills. Then, plan some efficiency-focused family activities, like going around the house with a smoke pencil to find sources of air leakage, then getting the kids to help seal the leaks you find. Afterwards, go around with the smoke pencil again so the kids can see what they’ve accomplished.

Get Them Involved in HVAC Decision Making

Kids enjoy taking part in “grown up” activities, so if you’re planning to upgrade your HVAC equipment, include them in the decision-making. You can have your HVAC pro explain how equipment is sized, and how HVAC systems with higher efficiency ratings use less energy. Then, have the kids help you figure out which model can save your family the most energy and money over its expected lifespan.


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