Memorial Day: HVAC Prep Before Heading Out of Town

Memorial Day: HVAC Prep Before Heading Out of Town

Memorial Day: HVAC Prep Before Heading Out of TownBefore heading out for the long weekend, set aside some time for vacation HVAC prep. Not only does it avoid problems associated with high humidity, it also assures you that you’ll return to a comfortable home.

Inspect the air filter.

A dirty air filter can shut your HVAC system down while you’re away, or worse, cause the evaporator coil to freeze over. Even when you’re home, a frozen coil can damage the air conditioner by continuing to run.


The refrigerant circulating through the coil will go back to the compressor at too cold a temperature, which can irretrievably damage it. If the equipment shuts off, the melting frost might cause water damage if it can’t drain through the pipe fast enough.

Clean the outdoor condenser.

Make sure that the condenser is clean and nothing is blocking the air flow through it. Hose it off gently and inspect the fins and coil. If dirt or grass clippings are caked on either, use a coil cleaner from the home improvement center to soften and remove them.

Inspect the registers.

Be sure that each register is open and clean. Dust them with a soft cloth or remove them to scrub in the sink.

Have the unit serviced.

Vacation HVAC prep isn’t finished until you have the system inspected and adjusted by an HVAC pro. He will find any issues that could sideline your equipment while you’re away.

Set the thermostat.

If you use a programmable thermostat, set it for the vacation mode. Although it’s tempting to turn it way up, the humidity could build to unacceptable levels indoors, especially if you’ll be away for an extended period. Excess humidity could foster mold growth and overly warm temperatures could stress any indoor plants or pets you leave behind.

Leave a note.

Give your house sitter the name and phone number for your HVAC contractor in the event of an emergency.


Not only are these tips useful for vacation HVAC prep, they’ll also get your AC ready for the summer ahead. For more information, contact Powers Heating & Air, providing HVAC services for Peachtree City homeowners.

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