Typical HVAC Costs

Typical HVAC Costs

Typical HVAC CostsDuring the lifespan of a typical home cooling and heating system, some HVAC costs are more preventable than others. For example, an annual preventative maintenance agreement with a qualified HVAC contractor keeps your system operating at optimum performance and efficiency, as well as reducing wear and tear that may shorten component lifespan and cause malfunctions. The modest cost of annual professional preventative maintenance is a good investment. It’s also usually required by most HVAC manufacturers under terms of the system warranty.

But what about other HVAC costs you can’t predict? The expected service life of a new central air conditioner today is 15 years. For a gas-fired furnace, it’s 20 years or more. Over that extended span service may be required, from a simple adjustment to a component replacement. Variables affecting these costs include:

  • Warranty coverage. Major manufacturers are providing longer coverage for certain repairs.
  • Time frame. A standard scheduled service call during normal working hours typically costs less than emergency service after-hours or on weekends.
  • Age of the unit. Like any mechanical device, older HVAC systems may need more frequent and costly repairs.
  • Local climate. Regional temperature extremes—such as the desert southwest and far northern locales—subject air conditioners or furnaces to more total wear and tear, potentially imposing more frequent service requirements.

National Averages

Across the nation, cost of most service calls averages between $190 and $350. In a typical case, an HVAC contractor charges a preliminary flat fee to diagnose the problem, then provides a written estimate for the total cost.

Sample Charges

Here are some typical median costs of common HVAC service. Your actual expenses may vary above or below these midpoint figures, depending on factors mentioned above and circumstances specific to your situation.

Repair air conditioner refrigerant leak: $500
Install new furnace electronic igniter: $140
Clear A/C condensate drain clog: $150
Replace system blower: $300
Install new thermostat: $200
Replace A/C compressor run capacitor: $250
Replace defective air conditioner compressor: $1,800
Replace cracked furnace heat exchanger: $1,100

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