Best Cooling for Guest Homes and Rooms

Best Cooling for Guest Homes and Rooms

Best Cooling for Guest Homes and RoomsHospitality is one of the most important virtues you can master — especially in the Georgia heat. Whether you’re turning your spare room into an Airbnb or renting your guest house to summer vacationers, it’s important that you keep your guests cool and comfortable. By providing effective HVAC service for them, you can make your property more attractive to potential renters, allowing you to rent it out faster and more consistently, as well as charge more for the extra benefit of good cooling.


Here are some tips for ensuring guest room or guest house comfort in your home.

Tower fan.

Putting a fan in the guest room is a great way to keep air circulating, so that things stay cool. And a tower fan provides the same coverage as a regular standing fan, while taking up less space and being more stable and harder to knock over.

Ductless mini-split.

A ductless mini-split provides zoning for your guest room, allowing your guests to adjust their own temperature to their preferred comfort level, without disturbing the rest of the house, and vice versa. It’s especially useful if your guest room is an add-on to the house that wasn’t integrated into your home’s duct system.

Heat pump.

A great way to outfit a separate structure for HVAC and ensure guest house comfort. It’s perfect for cooling a smaller space than your regular house and is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Before you rent your property out to anyone, it’s essential to make sure any HVAC system you have is in good working order. Schedule an annual inspection, so that your HVAC technician can check that it’s operating at maximum efficiency and cooling to the correct temperature, as well as make any necessary repairs or adjustments to keep it functioning properly all season long. You should also be sure to replace the air filter, so air flows freely and stays free of dust and contaminants that could bother your guests’ allergies.


For more ideas about providing guest house comfort, contact us at Powers Heating & Air. Peachtree City trusts us with all their HVAC needs.

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