Things to Take into Account Before Replacing Your Heater

Things to Take into Account Before Replacing Your Heater

Things to Take into Account Before Replacing Your HeaterIf you’re thinking about heater replacements, you picked the right season. During the hot summer, furnace sales typically dip and many HVAC contractors offer incentives to keep volume up. Frequently, deals are available on last year’s models that are still in stock. Selection is often wider, too, as inventory isn’t depleted by demand that always soars as winter weather approaches. Installation of the new unit is also more comfortable—doing without heat for a day during summer definitely isn’t a problem here in Atlanta.

To help make an informed decision about heater replacements, here are some factors to keep in mind:


How Old Is Your Existing Furnace?

A gas-fired furnace typically lasts between 15 and 20 years, depending on daily hours of operation as well as whether the unit received manufacturer-recommended annual preventive maintenance by a qualified professional.

Are Heating Costs Climbing?

Just because a 15 year-old furnace starts up, that doesn’t mean it still operates at its original efficiency specs. As wear and tear over the years affects components, energy consumption rises and monthly heating costs increase steadily. There’s no economical option that can restore lost efficiency to an aging, outdated furnace.

Are You Facing Expensive Repairs?

If your furnace needs repairs to nurse it through another winter or two, the cost may not be justifiable. Generally, once a unit has passed the 12-year point in its expected service life, replacement of the furnace is a more financially viable option than making costly repairs. From the first day of operation, you’ll benefit from today’s higher energy efficiency standards and start saving money—not spending it on temporary fixes.

Is Your A/C Past Its Prime?

Expected service life of a central air conditioner is shorter than a furnace. If your A/C’s over the hill, too, consider a package deal and replace both units at the same time. You’ll probably get a better price than replacing the furnace and air conditioner separately. Installation costs for both may be less, too, as the procedure is consolidated into a single event.

For more details about heater replacements, ask the experts at Powers Heating & Air.


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