Thermostat Types for Your Home

Thermostat Types for Your Home

Thermostat Types for Your HomeFrom low tech to high tech, there’s an HVAC thermostat for every homeowner’s need and lifestyle. Maybe you’ve been thinking it might be time for a change. If so, here are some thermostat options that might appeal to you.




Analog thermostats are still available, minus the mercury that once was standard in the old-school models. They’re still inexpensive, but can end up costing you more on your utility bill, as they are not terribly accurate but provide temperatures within a range. Because they are mechanical rather than electronic, these thermostats are sometimes better for homes with an inconsistent power supply, such as those that are solar powered or ones with an inconsistent power supply. Electronic thermostats can get fried when power surges or wavers too much.


Digital Non-Programmable

These are exactly what the name suggests. They need a battery for the readout, while temperature is controlled by buttons. Not particularly expensive, they are more precise than analog.



Programmable thermostats are challenging to operate, so when upgrading, many homeowners are skipping this technology and moving on to smart thermostats. That said, others are not ready to commit to smart technology running their HVAC systems.

If you opt for programmable models, expect to choose one that offers one of these programming modes:

  • weekly, every day the same schedule
  • two schedules, one for the week, one for the weekend
  • a different schedule every day

Programmable models usually offer up to four temperature changes a day.

These thermostats allow you to raise or lower temperatures for energy savings when you’re away from home or sleeping.


Smart or Wi-fi

Smart thermostats are controlled through an app in a smart device. Temperature can be adjusted from near or far. You can get as many fancy features as you like, including ability to control humidity, receive weather reports or sensors that “learn” your habits so your device can adjust temperatures according to your lifestyle.


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