Sunroom Cooling Options for Summer

Sunroom Cooling Options for Summer

Sunroom Cooling Options for SummerSunrooms and other patio enclosures are enjoyed by many Georgia homeowners and for good reason – they provide a sheltered extension to the family’s living space, along with protection from irritating insects and other pests. Most such enclosures are add-ons or porch conversions that aren’t part of the home’s conditioned envelope, so they become uncomfortably hot and sticky in the summer months.

If you’re looking for sunroom HVAC or screened-in patio cooling options to make your space more enjoyable, here are some ideas to consider:

Install Ceiling Fans

Even though it’s not feasible to air condition a screened-in porch or patio, you can increase air movement by installing one or more outdoor ceiling fans. The wind chill effect from a fan’s spinning blades evaporates perspiration from the skin, and makes a body feel cooler.

Purchase Removable Glass Inserts

If you want to add cooling to a screened porch or patio to make the space more comfortable, consider installing removable glass inserts to close in the screens. During the milder spring and fall, you can store them away and let fresh air enter through the screens again.

Extend Your Existing HVAC

To make a glassed-in sunroom usable year-round, have a knowledgeable HVAC contractor check whether your home’s existing HVAC can cool the space. To do this, a pro will need to extend the ductwork without sacrificing balanced system airflow. If your equipment is too small to cool the extra square footage, it may be necessary to upgrade.

Invest in a Ductless Unit

Installing a ductless mini-split is an ideal solution for cooling a sunroom, because it doesn’t require making modifications to your main HVAC system. Mini-splits don’t need ductwork and they’re stand-alone units that aren’t complicated to install, so they may be your most cost-effective option. If you decide to extend your existing HVAC or have a mini-split installed, it’s important to air seal and insulate the sunroom first, to make the space as energy efficient as possible.


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