What to Ask When You Buy an HVAC System

What to Ask When You Buy an HVAC System

What to Ask When You Buy an HVAC SystemYour HVAC system contains complex and costly equipment that’s crucial for your home comfort in our climate, so replacing it for the first time can be a stressful experience. There are two ways to make HVAC purchases less nerve-racking – choose your HVAC installer carefully and ask smart questions so you can make an informed decision.


Important Things to Do and Know Regarding New HVAC


Getting the most from a new HVAC purchase involves more than just choosing the equipment, because installation quality directly affects its performance, efficiency and lifespan. This means you need to look for a well-established, reputable HVAC contractor with lots of installation experience.

Then, base your choice of installer on how a contractor answers these important questions:


How is the equipment sized and selected?

The capacity or size of your equipment affects its long-term performance. If it’s oversized, it will short cycle and waste energy. Equipment that’s too small won’t keep your home comfortable. A contractor worth hiring will tell you they’ll size and choose the right equipment for your home based on Manuals J and S.


Does my home need new ductwork?

A skilled installer won’t hook up your new equipment to the existing ductwork without verifying that the duct system is properly designed to provide ample, balanced air distribution, and free from defects and leaks.


What efficiency rating is best?

Higher-rated HVAC equipment is more energy efficient, so it costs less to operate but typically has a higher price tag. A knowledgeable HVAC installer can help you compare upfront cost versus long-term energy savings for different equipment models so you can choose one that matches your budget.


What advanced features are worthwhile?

Higher-end HVAC systems have a range of optional features that can boost comfort and energy efficiency. A dependable HVAC pro can tell you which features are most worthwhile for your needs, and may recommend that you opt for a variable-speed air handler, furnace or compressor, or install a smart thermostat or zoning system.


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