Ways Uneven Cooling Affect Two-Story Homes

Ways Uneven Cooling Affect Two-Story Homes

Ways Uneven Cooling Affect Two-Story HomesIf you have a two-story home, cooling it evenly can be problematic. Making warm second-level rooms more comfortable by dialing down the thermostat setting frequently can make the main level downright chilly, and the extra energy this takes will send your utility bills soaring. The fact that heat rises is likely the primary reason for uneven cooling in your two-story home, but these issues may also be contributing factors:


Equipment age or size. As cooling equipment ages, its efficiency often declines. Improperly sized equipment can short cycle or simply may not have enough capacity to cool effectively.


Uncontrolled heat gains/losses. Air leakage through the conditioned envelope, leaky ductwork and/or insufficient insulation can reduce the amount of cool air delivered to some rooms and make cooling less effective.


Poor duct system design. Unbalanced system airflow due to inadequate sized ducts, insufficient return airflow or not enough supply or return ducts can cause uneven air distribution.

How to Fix Uneven Cooling

An experienced HVAC pro can assess your home and comfort system and advise you on ways to make cooling more consistent on all levels, such as:


Upgrading your cooling equipment. To boost comfort throughout the house, it may be necessary to upgrade your equipment if it’s over 10 years old or has a low efficiency rating.


Correcting duct system flaws. Sealing and insulating leaky ducts or replacing a duct system that’s not properly designed or in overall poor condition can help solve problems like conditioned air losses or insufficient airflow to certain rooms.


Sealing and insulating. Sealing air leaks in the exterior shell and attic can help preserve your conditioned air output. Increasing the amount of insulation installed between the attic floor joists can help make cooling more efficient, as well.


Installing zoned cooling. Creating two or more separate cooling zones with duct dampers and dedicated thermostats can provide better temperature control and more consistent comfort on each level of your home.


If you’re experiencing problems with uneven cooling in your two-story or multi-level Peachtree City home, contact us today at Powers Heating & Air for an expert assessment and personalized solutions.


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