Leaves and Your HVAC Unit

Leaves and Your HVAC Unit

Leaves and Your HVAC UnitAs the fall season arrives, you can expect to have leaves falling around your outdoor HVAC unit. While you might be tempted to wait until they’ve all fallen before raking them up, keep in mind that they can end up causing trouble for your HVAC system. Keep these outdoor HVAC unit protection tips in mind, so you can ensure optimal efficiency and a lower risk of repairs for your HVAC unit.


Remove Leaves Around the Unit

As leaves fall to the ground, you’ll want to keep the area around your outdoor unit as clear as possible. Otherwise, air can’t flow through it freely, resulting in decreased efficiency and higher utility bills. Use a rake to clear leaves from the ground around your outdoor unit, and get rid of any weeds that are out there as well.


Trim Tree Branches

If you have trees near your outdoor unit, trim the branches so that they don’t hang over it. Having branches above your unit means that you’ll have leaves falling right into it and clogging up the components. When your outdoor unit has debris inside it, this can result in damage and unexpected repairs.


Check and Clean Inside the Unit

If you notice any leaves or other debris inside your HVAC unit, you should have it cleaned out. You can do this by shutting off power to the unit, taking the sides off and carefully removing debris and cleaning the components. If you’re uncomfortable doing this on your own, schedule HVAC maintenance. HVAC professionals can handle this task for you to ensure that your outdoor unit is free of leaves and other debris.


Cover Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

When you’re done running your air conditioning for the season, place a protective HVAC cover over your outdoor unit. These covers provide dependable outdoor HVAC unit protection that prevents leaves and other debris from getting inside it.


If you need more information on outdoor HVAC unit protection, please contact Powers Heating & Air. We can help you keep the outdoor unit at your Peachtree City home safe this fall.


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