How to Maintain Your HVAC for the Fall

How to Maintain Your HVAC for the Fall

How to Maintain Your HVAC for the FallBefore it’s time to switch the thermostat from cool to heat, don’t neglect fall HVAC maintenance. The same things that you do to keep the A/C running efficiently will keep it running smoothly all winter long. Besides saving money on heating costs throughout the winter, you’ll know that your system is running safely.


Do-It-Yourself Maintenance


Change the air filter if it’s clogged from heavy summertime use. A dirty air filter during any season will harm your system’s components and drive up energy costs.

Inspect each register for dust. The dust that collects on the register covers for the ducts slows down the air coming from the air handler. It will take longer to heat the room and could add to its dust load. Sometimes exceptionally dirty register covers signal a ductwork leak or tear. If it’s not fixed, heating bills could skyrocket and air quality plummet.

Clean the outdoor condenser if you heat with a heat pump. Rake away the falling leaves and remove the dead vegetation near the condenser. Check the coils for dust deposits and make sure they aren’t coated with grass clippings. If soap, water and a soft brush won’t loosen them, try coil cleaner found at home improvement centers.


Professional Maintenance


While the work you do for fall HVAC maintenance goes a long way toward improving comfort and lowering energy bills, you should have an HVAC pro look it over every year. Professionals inspect, clean and adjust all the parts in the system and verify that the system is operating safely.

Gas furnaces have several safety switches that need to be inspected, as well as the gas line leading into it. The technician will clean the burner and check the gas to air ratio. He or she will also be able to assess the overall condition of your equipment, which will help you plan for its replacement.


By undertaking fall HVAC maintenance early in the season, you’ll have efficient and dependable heating throughout the winter. If you haven’t scheduled a heating system checkup, contact Powers Heating & Air, providing trusted HVAC services for Peachtree City homeowners.


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