Bad HVAC Habits Homeowners Need to Kick

Bad HVAC Habits Homeowners Need to Kick

Bad HVAC Habits Homeowners Need to KickIt’s easy to take your home’s HVAC system for granted and develop bad habits about its use and care that affect your comfort, energy bills and the equipment’s reliability and longevity. If you identify with any of the following bad HVAC habits, now’s the time to kick them:

Neglecting the Air Filter

Your air filter is in place to trap debris so it can’t accumulate on and harm sensitive components. Running your HVAC with a clogged filter can cause a loss of energy efficiency and premature equipment wear that leads to breakdowns or failures. You can easily prevent these costly problems by checking your filter monthly, and replacing it whenever there’s visible debris accumulation, or every three months at minimum.

Fiddling With the Thermostat Settings

If your living areas frequently feel too hot or too cool and you’re in the habit of changing the thermostat temperature settings to compenstate, you’re wasting energy and adding to the equipment’s workload needlessly. A better alterntive is to use your programmable thermostat to make temperature adjustments based on your usual daily routine. If you’re still experiencing discomforting temperature variations, get your HVAC pro’s advice about installing zoning to give you greater control.

Putting Off Routine Maintenance

Having your HVAC system professionally serviced twice a year is essential to keep it operating efficiently and minimize the likelihood of breakdowns and failures. If you often forget to schedule maintenance appointments, opting for a preventive maintenance agreement with a trusted, local HVAC company is a hassle-free way to keep your equipment in peak condition.

Not Paying Attention to Airflow Issues

Failing to maintain good airflow through your HVAC system can cause serious problems with its performance and reliability, and erode your comfort too. Actions to avoid to keep the system’s airflow healthy include shutting registers in some rooms, intentionally or accidentally blocking the return air vents, and allowing airflow through the outdoor unit to be stifled by tall vegetation and/or yard debris.

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