What Does the Arrow on a Furnace Filter Indicate

What Does the Arrow on a Furnace Filter Indicate

What Does the Arrow on a Furnace Filter IndicateChanging the furnace filter can be confusing for those not familiar with how an HVAC system works. Sometimes these filters (which are the same ones for the air conditioner) are in hard-to-access places; sometimes they are easy to reach. What’s more, the many types of filters available can be confusing, as can the directions on the package: just what do those arrows mean, anyway? And what happens if you insert the filter the wrong way? Read on, and find the answers.


Changing the Air Filter


The filter in your HVAC system may go in the furnace cabinet, the ductwork or in the blower. If you don’t know where your filter is, ask your HVAC tech to show you during your annual HVAC maintenance visit. You can also get a demonstration on how to change the filter if you don’t know how. But if your filter is easy to access and you have no physical challenges that might prevent you from changing it, you may want to change the filter yourself.


But first, let’s talk about what kind of filter to buy. Make sure the filter is the right size. Never try to cram the wrong size filter into the slot; never try to trim it down. And when you insert it, make sure the arrows are pointed toward the furnace. and away from the return duct. It won’t destroy your HVAC system if you insert the filter the wrong way one time or so, but it could damage your system if you continuously put a filter in the the wrong direction.


How Often Should You Change a Filter?


Follow directions on the packaging for changing the filter. If you use a cheap fiberglass filter, change it every month. If you use a better quality pleated filter, change it every two to three months. If you have pets that shed or high traffic in your home, you should change it every two months.


If the filter ever gets wet for any reason, change to a dry one.


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