Buying an Air Conditioner: Should Reviews Sway You?

Buying an Air Conditioner: Should Reviews Sway You?

Buying an Air Conditioner: Should Reviews Sway You?Today, there are scads of online reviews for every kind of product imaginable, so the internet seems like the logical place to do research when you’re buying a new air conditioner. While it’s helpful to learn what other homeowners think about different brands and models by reading air conditioner reviews online, you’ll get the greatest benefit from a new A/C purchase by taking these key factors into consideration:

Contractor Reputation

The quality of the installation plays a huge part in how well your new equipment performs and how long it lasts. This makes it vital to thoroughly vet HVAC contractors before you make a hiring decision. You’ll want to verify that a contractor is properly licensed and fully insured, and that they work with well-established equipment brands such as Lennox. Additionally, check their rating and track record with the Better Business Bureau, and ask for the names of previous customers who you can call for unbiased references.

Warranty Coverage

A manufacturer’s warranty protects your investment in a new A/C against factory defects, so it’s important to compare the coverage that’s provided before choosing a specific model. If you want more comprehensive protection, look for brands that offer optional extended warranties that include parts and labor coverage. Be sure to check on what can void the manufacturer’s warranty too, such as buying the equipment online, having it installed by anyone other than a qualified HVAC professional, or neglecting ongoing preventive maintenance.

Accurate Sizing

When buying a new air conditioner, it’s not wise to just match the cooling capacity of your current equipment, because older units were often sized using a rule of thumb and have too much capacity. For equipment that gives you greater comfort, long-term reliability and energy savings, your HVAC contractor should perform a detailed Manual J load calculation to determine the capacity needed, and assess the design/condition of the existing duct system, too.


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