HVAC Control Systems: What Are They?

HVAC Control Systems: What Are They?

HVAC Control Systems: What Are They?The words “HVAC control system” typically bring to mind the complex climate control systems that manage heating, ventilation and air conditioning in industrial or commercial buildings. These elaborate systems ensure energy efficiency and occupant comfort using software-managed sensors and controllers that continually monitor the building’s interior conditions and operate the various HVAC components.

HVAC Controls Used in Homes

In a home with central HVAC, the thermostat is what controls the air conditioner, furnace and the blower unit that delivers conditioned air. Early thermostats were basic mechanical devices that signaled the equipment to start and stop at specific temperature set points. Technology has advanced in recent years, and today, there are sophisticated home HVAC controls available that provide greater energy efficiency, comfort and convenience, including:

  • Programmable digital thermostats. Digital thermostats use a thermistor to measure room temperature, and a microcontroller to convert that measurement to a digital temperature reading. Factory-installed software in programmable models allows a homeowner to input their temperature preferences for up to eight setback periods per day to maintain comfort while saving energy.
  • Zoning systems. Zoning divides a home into two or more areas to provide more precise control of comfort and energy consumption. A typical zoning system consists of a centrally-located control panel that’s linked to ductwork dampers that define the zones, and a programmable thermostat in each zone. The homeowner can schedule setbacks and their desired heating and cooling parameters for each zone via the control panel.
  • Learning thermostats. These “communicating” thermostats are programmable, plus they gather and send data on conditions in a home, allowing the owner to monitor and change the settings remotely. The most advanced models use software algorithms that let the device “learn” the homeowner’s comfort preferences and make adjustments automatically. The latest versions can monitor and make adjustments related to the outdoor weather, indoor air quality, humidity levels and the home’s occupancy, and send alerts if problems arise with the HVAC equipment, or the system needs routine maintenance.

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