Winter Weather Protection for Your HVAC Unit

Winter Weather Protection for Your HVAC Unit

Winter Weather Protection for Your HVAC UnitAlthough you don’t generally need your outdoor air conditioner compressor/condenser during the winter, you may have wondered if you should be doing something to protect it from the elements when it’s not in use. The best answer is, for the most part, no — particularly in our mild climate.


However, do read on for a few tips on winter weather protection in case inclement weather occurs.


Weather in Peachtree City


We seldom see snow or ice in Peachtree City, but it can happen. Temperatures can fall into the 20s or even lower during the rare ice storm. Will that necessitate taking measures to protect your compressor? Not really. These outdoor units are designed to be tough. The only issue your compressor might have is if it’s directly in the path of a melting/freezing ice dam on the edge of the roof. If water is melting in the day and refreezing overnight as it drips inside the unit, it could be damaged. If you are concerned, tie down a piece of plywood over the unit so that melt water doesn’t drip inside. This could also protect it from large hail during a thunderstorm.


It can rain frequently during the winter in Peachtree City, but that’s not generally a problem for your compressor unless where it sits tends to flood. Then, you will probably need to look into raising or moving the unit.


In the event of high winds this winter, make sure that all yard furniture, tools or other objects are secured so that they are not propelled into the unit during a storm.


Keeping Debris Out of the Unit


Once the grass stops growing this winter, you won’t have any further concerns about grass cuttings flying into the coils. But you might keep an eye on any weeds, falling leaves or other debris piling up around the compressor, and make sure the area stays clear.


It’s usually best not to cover up the unit with a tarp, as this can encourage rodents to hole up in it.

For more on winter weather protection of the compressor, contact Powers Heating and Air.


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