5 Tips for Preventing Gas Leaks

5 Tips for Preventing Gas Leaks

5 Tips for Preventing Gas LeaksA gas leak can be dangerous, even deadly, to you and your family. If you notice a sulfuric, rotten egg smell in your home, it’s important to get out immediately. But how can you prevent gas leaks from happening in the first place? Here are five preventative measures you can take.

1. Ensure proper installation.

Any technician who installs a gas-powered appliance in your home needs to be an accredited Gas Safe Register engineer. They are properly trained and certified to deal with gas lines safely and minimalize the risk of leaks.

2. Schedule an annual inspection.

Your annual HVAC inspection provides preventative maintenance on a number of fronts, including a chance for your HVAC technician to spot potential leaks and fix them before they become problems. If you have a gas stove or other gas appliances in your home, be sure to have them inspected regularly as well.

3. Have proper ventilation.

Any gas-powered appliance should have a vent nearby to eliminate carbon monoxide fumes. This vent should be kept clean and unobstructed at all times, to ensure that the gas doesn’t accumulate in your home.

4. Install and maintain carbon monoxide detectors.

A CO detector can give you an early warning in case of a leak or other carbon monoxide buildup. Test it regularly to make sure it’s working properly and replace the batteries once a year. The detector itself should be replaced every five to seven years.

5. Know the signs.

Even with preventative measures, gas leaks can still happen. It’s important to know the signs, know what to do, and recognize the symptoms of CO poisoning. In addition to the rotten egg smell, also listen for hissing, gurgling sounds near your pipes. If you suspect a leak, leave immediately. Don’t turn off the lights or touch any electric devices, switches, or outlets. Call 911 and your gas company. Check your family to see if anyone is experiencing headaches, nausea, or dizziness. If they are, get them to the hospital.


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