Heating Options: Furnace or Boiler

Heating Options: Furnace or Boiler

Heating Options: Furnace or BoilerThe differences between forced-air furnaces and boilers, or radiant heating, are numerous. As far as heating options for your home go, Peachtree City is on the southern edge of places where both are viable choices. Which you choose depends on the type of heat you like and your physical preferences.

Comfort Comparisons

Radiant heating is slow and steady, while forced-air furnaces, including heat pumps, warm your air quickly and cool off just as fast. Eventually, a home with forced-air will warm to the point where temperatures are warm all over, but the furnace has to cycle on and off numerous times.

By comparison, a boiler runs continuously until the temperature reaches the thermostat’s settings. The heat radiates from wherever the pipes or tubes are that the boiler feeds. They can be in the floor beneath the carpet or tiles, snaked through baseboard heaters, or as radiators that sit in a room. Each room has a turn-off valve, so if you don’t want it heated, just turn off the heat.

If you don’t like a consistently warm home, radiant heating options may not be ideal for you. Occasionally, this region sees warm weather during the winter months and your home may feel too warm until it cools down. On the other hand, families with young children or aging family members often prefer warm floors and furniture.

Health Aspects of Radiant Heating

People who suffer from airborne allergies or asthma often prefer radiant heating options because they don’t move dust around like a forced-air furnace does. They’re also quieter since there is no fan inside the air handler or ductwork noise.

Lifetime Costs

Boilers cost more initially, but over their lifetimes, they’re actually less expensive to own and operate than forced-air systems. They’re more energy efficient, need less maintenance and break down less frequently. They’ll outlast furnaces by a decade or more.

There are good reasons to choose radiant heating options if you like enveloping warmth and forced-air if you don’t need that constant warmth. For more information, contact Powers Heating & Air, providing HVAC services for Peachtree City homeowners.


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