Seeing Shadows: What Groundhog Day Means for Winter Heating

Seeing Shadows: What Groundhog Day Means for Winter Heating

Seeing Shadows: What Groundhog Day Means for Winter HeatingFebruary 2nd is Groundhog Day, when Punxsutawney Phil traditionally comes out of hibernation and tells us whether spring will soon arrive, or cold weather will persist and extend the winter heating season. This annual event has been widely celebrated across the country since 1886, but does it really have a correlation to your home’s HVAC?

How Groundhog Day Relates to Your HVAC System

According to Groundhog Day lore, if the sun is out when furry Phil emerges from his burrow, he’ll see his shadow and retreat back inside, and we’ll have six more weeks of winter. If the sky is overcast and the chubby rodent isn’t scared by his own shadow, he’ll stay outside which means that spring is on its way. Whether or not you believe a nervous groundhog makes a good meteorologist, a shorter or longer winter can impact your home comfort, well-being and monthly expenses in predictable ways:

  • Seasonal energy bills. When Phil accurately foretells an additional six weeks of cold temperatures, you’ll end up spending more on gas or electricity to keep your home warm. If the weather turns mild instead, you may benefit from lower utility bills for a longer period before the heat of summer settles in.
  • System maintenance. If an early spring is expected because Phil stays outside, you should call your HVAC pro to schedule cooling system maintenance, so you know your air conditioner or heat pump is in optimal working condition to handle the hot, humid weather that lies ahead.
  • Indoor air quality. When your home is closed up for extended periods of heating or cooling, allergens and pollutants can stay trapped inside and erode your air quality. Regardless of whether a marmot named Phil foretells a prolonged winter or early spring, Groundhog Day can be a timely reminder to take steps to boost your home’s air quality, such as having a whole-house air filtration unit or dehumidifier installed.

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