Smart Thermostats: 5 Reason to Love Them

Smart Thermostats: 5 Reason to Love Them

Smart Thermostats: 5 Reason to Love ThemHave you ever considered installing a smart thermostat in your home? Perhaps you’ve thought it sounded too complicated and you were wary of adding more technology to your life. The fact is, smart thermostats offer the homeowner so many benefits, it’s worthwhile just to take a look at them and consider the benefits carefully.

Energy Savings

We’re a big fan of programming HVAC system schedules that cut back on energy use when you’re sleeping or away from home. Government research has shown homeowners can easily save 10 percent on energy bills by setting the thermostat back 7-10 degrees eight hours a day. A smart thermostat makes it so much easier to set these schedules than a programmable thermostat. Just go into the app on your smart device, and set the temperature the way you want it.


Whether you’re a block or a world away, you can set your thermostat as needed. Say you’re on vacation and you see that a cold front is bearing down on the Peachtree City area. You need to raise the thermostat to prevent the pipes from freezing and to ensure the pets are comfy. If you can get a signal on your phone, you can reset the thermostat to whatever temperature you desire.

Or, say you’re headed home and you’d like to turn the thermostat down a bit to cool the house off in the summertime. Install a smart thermostat with sensors that communicate when you’re within a certain range so the air conditioner turns on in anticipation of your homecoming.

Track Energy Use

Your smart thermostat can help you keep track of your energy use. This allows you to compare use with previous years so, when your bill goes up, you can try to pinpoint the reason. Maybe your home has air or duct leaks, or maybe the thermostat is malfunctioning. The smart thermostat can keep you on top of things.

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