How to Tell if Your Air Purifier is Broken

How to Tell if Your Air Purifier is Broken

How to Tell if Your Air Purifier is BrokenIf you’re an allergy or asthma sufferer, your air purifier is an invaluable home appliance. It eliminates microscopic contaminants from your air, to keep you breathing easy. But how do you know if it’s really working? What if your purifier is broken? Here are some ways to tell.

Checking Your Air Purifier

The simplest way to tell if your system is working is to check the filter. If there’s dust and debris on the filter, that means it’s doing its job and eliminating those contaminants from your air. If there’s so much debris that the entire surface is grey, and you can’t see the white filter underneath, that means it’s clogged and needs to be replaced. Check your filter every couple of months, to ensure it’s still doing its job, and replace it when necessary.

Some purifiers have special indicator lights that tell you automatically when the filter needs to be replaced. This makes your job easier, but they’re not 100 percent reliable. You should still check the filter every few months, just to be sure.

Using an Air Quality Monitor

There are other things that can go wrong with an air purifier besides just a clogged filter. Maybe it’s eliminating some contaminants from your air, but not all of them. If you really want to know if your system is working properly, invest in an air quality monitor. A separate device from your purifier, it checks the air in your home continually to measure how many contaminants are present, in order to ascertain if your system is working efficiently.

If your air quality isn’t at the level it should be, the monitor can send you an alert, so that you can call an HVAC technician to help you deal with the problem. Some air quality monitors even sync directly with your purifier, providing it with feedback and helping it improve its performance, while still alerting you if it fails to work as it should.

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