Ways Your HVAC Can Help with Bug Control

Ways Your HVAC Can Help with Bug Control

Ways Your HVAC Can Help with Bug ControlIt’s springtime and a wide variety of creepy crawling critters are making their grand entrances in places you wouldn’t expect – including your HVAC system. Live bugs are bad enough, but the larvae, droppings and shed skins they leave behind can also do a number on HVAC components, not to mention your home’s air quality.

As your mind moves towards bug removal, don’t forget that your HVAC system also has a few tricks to keep nasty and annoying insects at bay.

Humidity Control

One way your HVAC can actually help control pests is by controlling excess moisture. Humid areas can offer an abundance of water to parched insects, making such areas nearly irresistible to invade. In cooling mode, your HVAC system removes excess moisture from the air as a byproduct of the cooling process. Simply running your air conditioner on humid days can help balance your home’s humidity, which in turn also improves its indoor air quality.

Professional Maintenance

Maintenance is essential for the health and longevity of your HVAC system. It’s also a great way to keep your HVAC system bug-free. In addition to the regularly scheduled maintenance offered by your technician, here are a few things you can do to prevent bugs from invading your HVAC system:

  • Locate and seal potential points of entry for pests. Seal cracks and gaps around HVAC wiring and plumbing conduits and use wire mesh to block exhaust vents from unwanted pests.
  • Inspect and clean the ductwork regularly. Dirty and damaged ducts are a common safe haven for pests.
  • Clear vegetation away from the outdoor unit. Outdoor cabinets should have at least 2 feet of clear space around the entire unit to prevent pest infiltration.
  • Avoid using pesticides inside your HVAC system. The fumes from consumer-grade pest control products can potentially create health hazards.

We don’t specialize in bug removal, but the experts at Powers Heating & Air can help protect your HVAC system against bugs and other pests. Give us a call if you’re in the Peachtree City area.

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