Homeowners: Boost Your Air Quality with UV Lights

Homeowners: Boost Your Air Quality with UV Lights

Homeowners: Boost Your Air Quality with UV LightsIf the air quality in your home tends to suffer in the summer when the doors and windows are closed, consider putting UV (ultraviolet) lights in the ductwork or air handler to improve it. They’re silent, energy efficient, simple to maintain and take up virtually no space.

UV Lights

These lights provide the same spectrum of sunshine that sanitizes organic compounds. They work by altering the DNA of organic compounds, which prevents them from reproducing. Any virus or bacteria that comes into contact with the UV rays the lights emit won’t be able to replicate itself.

The lights also solve many of the problems associated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are gases from ordinary household cleaners, vehicle exhaust, remodeling products, perfumed candles, air fresheners and soap, as well as a host of other products also made from hydrocarbons. The VOCs are known to cause everything from minor irritations to major health problems like cancer and organ damage.

How They Work

Since UV rays damage eyesight, the lights go inside the HVAC system where they’re hidden but very effective for improving air quality. High volumes of your home’s air pass over the lights and when the organic particles pass by them, they lose their ability to multiply.

In this climate the air handler is a good place to put the lights. Mold growth inside the air handler can be a serious problem, and when the lights shine on the evaporator coil, the problem is eliminated. Besides spreading into the ductwork, mold on the evaporator coil lowers the energy efficiency of the A/C and raises the odds of a serious breakdown.

When they’re placed in the ductwork, the lights help keep your home germ- and mold-free. Instead of using sanitizing sprays on all the hard surfaces like floors, countertops and sinks, you can rely on the UV lights to do the work. There will be no chemical residues that could harm your children or pets.

UV lights will improve your home’s air with little effort on your part. For more expert help, contact the pros at Powers Heating & Air, providing HVAC services for Peachtree City homeowners.

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