Host a Safe Easter Egg Hunt: Prevent Lost Eggs In Your Air Vent

Host a Safe Easter Egg Hunt: Prevent Lost Eggs In Your Air Vent

Host a Safe Easter Egg Hunt: Prevent Lost Eggs In Your Air VentAn Easter egg hunt is a fun-filled event for children and adults alike. If you’ll be hosting this springtime tradition this year, you have lots of planning and prep work to tackle, like choosing treats and toys, finding the best egg hiding spots, and preparing edibles and beverages for the adults to enjoy. Here are some tips on how to ensure a safe Easter egg hunt for everyone who attends and your cooling system, too:

Choose the Best Treats for All Ages

To relieve any concerns about egg and dye dangers, opt for plastic eggs filled with safe toys and treats. When choosing what to use, remember that small items are a potential choking hazard for toddlers and younger children. It’s best to avoid hard, round, foil-wrapped and small candies like jelly beans, along with trinkets and toys that can come apart in smaller pieces.

Make Sure Your Hunt Area is Hazard-Free

Plan out a specific hunt area, then clear it of any potential safety hazards. Outdoors, block off access to your HVAC unit, and stow away items like garden tools, hoses, extension cords, and fertilizer/pesticide containers. Indoors, remove breakables and other items that could cause injuries, and cover electrical outlets.

Safeguard Your Cooling System

Keeping the children safe is a top priority, but you should also be proactive about protecting your HVAC system components from possible harm. To avoid issues like airflow restrictions and overworking your cooling system:

  • Keep your air vents fully open and unobstructed
  • Don’t shut the doors to unused rooms
  • Put in a fresh air filter
  • Raise your thermostat setting by a few degrees
  • Run the ceiling fans to make rooms you plan to use more comfortable
  • Remember to turn off the fans and readjust the thermostat setting later on
  • After everyone leaves, check all the registers that children could have accessed to make sure there are no small toys or candy dropped down the air vents

For more tips about how to plan a safe Easter egg hunt and protect your Peachtree City home’s HVAC system from harm, contact us today at Powers Heating & Air.

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