How to Select HVAC Piping Materials

How to Select HVAC Piping Materials

How to Select HVAC Piping Materials

When buying a new HVAC system, there are all sorts of different components to think about. Do you want a single or variable-speed air handler? Should you use R-22 refrigerant, or R-410A? But one of the most important components is one most people hardly think about: piping. What kinds of HVAC piping materials are there, and how do you choose the right ones for your system? Here’s a brief guide.

Metal Pipes

The type of HVAC piping you get depends on what’s going to be running through it, what temperature and pressure it will have to withstand, and a variety of other factors. For the hot and cold liquids that run through your A/C or furnace, you’ll want to use metal piping.

Copper piping is able to withstand extreme temperatures in both directions, as well as high pressures. However, copper is also very expensive, so it’s generally only used for smaller piping lengths, of three inches or less. It’s also prone to leaking if it’s not carefully sealed.

For longer pipe lengths, steel is used. In addition to being less expensive, it can also withstand extreme temperatures, and even higher pressure than copper. Plus, sealing two steel pieces is much easier than copper, as they only need to be bolted together with a gasket.

If pipes are going to be used underground, they’ll need to be galvanized. That means coating them with a thin layer of zinc or another metal, to protect them from corrosion under the dirt.

Plastic Pipes

Plastic doesn’t corrode like metal does, making it better suited for use underground. However, it’s also not nearly as strong or durable as metal, which limits its versatility when it comes to temperature and pressure.

PVC pipe is most often used for venting gas, rather than transporting liquids. CPVC pipe is treated with chlorine, making it more resilient. They can also be used to coat metal pipes beneath the ground, to protect them from corrosion.’

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