Could You Benefit from a Heat Pump?

Could You Benefit from a Heat Pump?

Could You Benefit from a Heat Pump?The benefits of using a heat pump for air conditioning and heating are becoming better known. Heat pumps are widely recognized for their efficient use of energy, particularly in more moderate climates. They cool in a way similar to an air conditioner, but by means of a flipped switch, they can also heat. Air is distributed by the home’s duct system.

Most heat pumps are electric powered, so they do not burn fossil fuels, which makes them a greener HVAC source than one with a furnace. Read on for more heat pump benefits.

How Heat Pumps Work

Like an air conditioner, a heat pump pumps refrigerant in and out of the house and back again in a continuous cycle of absorbing heat and releasing it indoors to heat the home, and outdoors to cool the home. During the heating cycle, the heat pump can even absorb heat from quite cold outdoor air. Heat pumps have not been known for efficient heating in colder climates; however, that appears to be improving. In a climate such as ours, heat pumps are considered a good choice.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

1. Heat pumps are valued for delivering conditioned air more gently than the blast that comes from traditional HVAC systems.

2. Heat pumps are recognized for being quieter than traditional HVAC systems. If you’re looking for a quieter system, take note of the decibels provided on the labels.

3. As mentioned above, the fuel efficiency of a heat pump is its biggest benefit.

Drawbacks of a Heat Pump

Heat pumps may require some auxiliary source of heating during very cold spells (below 35 degrees). They may come equipped with auxiliary heat wires over which air blows to heat the home. This auxiliary heat can be expensive to run. Some homeowners prefer a dual fuel system that uses a gas furnace as backup.

Heat pumps can also have a higher initial cost than a traditional HVAC system; installation may also be more expensive.

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