How to Spot Real Online HVAC Reviews

How to Spot Real Online HVAC Reviews

CHow to Spot Real Online HVAC Reviews	hoosing an HVAC service provider can be a difficult task. There are a lot of shady companies out there, providing subpar service, if not actually scamming their customers. How do you find a reputable HVAC contractor?

You can start by looking at Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, and similar sites for reviews from past customers. Be careful, though. Some companies pay people to post fake, glowing reviews of their service, to boost their image artificially.

Here’s how you can tell genuine online HVAC reviews from fake ones.

    • Check the dates. If you find that a small HVAC company without many reviews has several stellar ones all posted around the same time, then it’s likely they’re fake.
    • Check the details. Real people leaving real reviews tend to give specific information about their experience. What was the technician’s name? Were they friendly? Did they come to fix a specific problem, or just for general maintenance? Did they recommend any actions to avoid problems in the future? These details in a review tend to indicate that it’s genuine. A review that’s glowing but vague is more likely to be fake.
    • Check the wording. Many times, fake online HVAC reviews will sound more like an advertisement than a genuine assessment of the company. They’ll also use the company’s name multiple times throughout – seemingly too many – to boost the review’s ranking in Google searches. You may even see the same words and phrases coming up repeatedly across multiple reviews.
    • Check the reviewer. If you’re suspicious of a review, check the reviewer’s profile and read some of their other posts. If that’s the only post they’ve written, or if they have a number of others that all offer glowing praise of different companies, while raising these same red flags, those are both signs that the review is fake. Another sign is if the reviewer has no profile photo, and a generic-sounding, overly common name.

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