Should You Buy an HVAC System Online?

Should You Buy an HVAC System Online?

Should You Buy an HVAC System Online?These days, it seems you can buy just about anything via the internet. Even buying an HVAC system online is now a reality. Online HVAC sales are slowly but surely growing. But should you hop on the bandwagon?

Cost Savings

You can save substantially by choosing to buy a furnace, air conditioner, boiler, or any other similar product from an online retailer. Or, at least, it seems cheaper because you purchase the equipment only, not the labor of installing it properly as well.

Equipment Delivery

Most online HVAC retailers offer free equipment delivery. While that’s great news, you should know that your equipment is likely to be left outside your house. It will be up to you to move it into your basement, garage, or wherever you want it installed.

Some companies charge for delivery. You’ll pay a higher fee to have the equipment delivered to your preferred room and unpacked than having it dropped at your front door.

Quality Concerns

Online transactions take contractors out of the HVAC system design process. Therefore, you can easily choose a system that’s not right for your home. An air conditioner or furnace that’s too large for your home will operate inefficiently as it will cycle on and off frequently. As a result, running costs will increase unnecessarily. A small system won’t heat or cool your home adequately.

What About Warranty?

Many HVAC equipment manufacturers expressly disclaim warranties for systems bought online. That implies should your system break, you’ll be forced to pay an arm and a leg to have it replaced.

Work with a Contractor

It’s best to find a trustworthy contractor to work with before purchasing HVAC equipment. At the moment, contractors aren’t involved in the online equipment buying process.

By working with a contractor, you’ll receive correct guidance on how to get a rightly sized and configured system as well as warranty coverage. This isn’t possible when buying an HVAC system online on your own. For assistance with buying an HVAC system in the Peachtree City area, contact the experts at Powers Heating & Air.

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