Reasons Not to Paint Your Air Conditioner

Reasons Not to Paint Your Air Conditioner

painting your air conditioningRust and corrosion can be a serious problem for your air conditioner. Over time, they can do irreversible damage to your system. Some people try to keep corrosion at bay with a coat of rust-proof paint. It can offer protection from the elements. However, painting your air conditioner might not be the best of ideas. Here are some reasons why.

It might be too late.

If your A/C is already showing signs of rust, then simply painting it won’t be effective. You’ll need to remove the rust first. This can be done, but only in the early stages. If corrosion has advanced beyond surface damage, and has spread to your coils and other A/C components, then you’ll need to call your HVAC technician. They might be able to fix the damage, but if your system is older, you’re probably better off simply getting a new one.

You might make things worse.

For full rust protection, the inside of your A/C must be painted as well as the outside. However, this can be a problem due to something called the Faraday Cage Effect. The electric charge in spray paint particles makes it difficult for paint to adhere to inner corners and recessed areas. If you don’t paint the unit properly, you can end up with a few small exposed areas around your system. That exposed metal will often then rust even more quickly than if you’d had no coat of paint at all.

It might not be necessary.

A/C rust and corrosion only occur under certain conditions. In most cases, they can be kept at bay with regular preventative maintenance. By scheduling your annual tuneup, your HVAC technician can keep your system in good condition. They’ll let you know if your A/C is at risk and spot signs of corrosion before they become a problem. If it turns out painting your air conditioner is necessary, your technician can do the job properly, making sure your system is well-protected.

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