The Best for Your Home: HVAC Options for Old Houses

The Best for Your Home: HVAC Options for Old Houses

HVAC options for old housesHeating and cooling your older home may present some challenges. Perhaps the HVAC system is ancient, and you’d like a more efficient, more modern way of conditioning the air than a fire place and an attic fan or evaporative cooler. Here are some HVAC options for old houses.

Got Ductwork?

If you have old ductwork, then you may be able to upgrade it and make sure it’s well sealed and can handle a new central air and heating system. Older ductwork may not be adequate to handle the volume of air that a newer HVAC system will produce so you may even need to replace the ducts. It might also be worthwhile to look into a new design for air distribution.

Before you repair or replace the ductwork, air seal leaks in the walls with using caulk, weatherstripping and insulation.

Ductless Mini-Split

Ductless mini-splits are a form of heat pump that work well in spaces where there is no ductwork. They consist of an air handler and a compressor. Some mini-splits can power as many as four air handlers, so you can divide the house in zones for heating and cooling. Mini-splits are not inexpensive to install, but could be worth the cost when compared to installing new ductwork. They use electricity, so burn no fossil fuel, and because they are heat pumps, are a good choice in warm regions such as ours.

High-Velocity HVAC System

If your home doesn’t have the space to install ductwork, another option might be a high-velocity system that uses a dedicated HVAC unit, connected to a mini-duct system. Mini-ducts are smaller than standard ducts (3 inches in diameter) so can be installed easily by snaking them through walls and over ceilings. Vents are small as well, so are less obtrusive than if you installed large ductwork in the minimal spaces of an older home.

If you’d like to discuss other HVAC options for old houses, contact the experts at Powers Heating and Air of Peachtree City. We’re also available to schedule repairs, maintenance and installations.

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