How Can You Fight Mold During Mold Awareness Month

How Can You Fight Mold During Mold Awareness Month

September is Mold Awareness Month, but in our damp, warm state, you should be aware of the possibility of mold taking hold in your home any month of the year. Mold is an insidious home invader, wreaking havoc on drywall, textiles, carpet and wood. Further, it can aggravate allergies and other respiratory problems.

Fortunately, your HVAC system is designed to help you reduce the dampness that can lead to mold and other problems.

How the HVAC Helps Prevent Mold

Your HVAC system removes moisture from the air as it conditions it. If your system is well maintained — that is, with a clean air filter and clean evaporator coils and drain pan — the moisture that is removed will go down the condensate drain and out of the home. The relative humidity in the home will be lower and there will be less chance that mold can take up residence.

You can help reduce humidity levels in the home by fixing leaks in the plumbing or roof and ceiling, and installing exhaust ventilation to the outdoors in high-moisture areas such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Maintaining the HVAC

Sometimes moist conditions exist inside the HVAC system. You can take steps to minimize moisture in the HVAC, and keep mold and other organisms from entering, with these tips.

  1. Have the condensate drain cleaned every year. Check for clogs and clean it with bleach.
  2. Change the air filter often. A damp filter can harbor mold.
  3. Have your HVAC tech disinfect the system with an Environmental Protection Agency-approved disinfectant designed for HVAC systems. Then have the tech apply a mold inhibitor designed for HVAC systems.
  4. When you have your ductwork checked for leaks or breaks, ask the tech to look for the presence of mold or excessive moisture. Repair the ducts so that moisture cannot enter.
  5. Make sure areas around air intakes are clear of standing water and organic matter, such as bird droppings.

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