Noisy HVAC? How to Solve a Rattling Air Duct

Noisy HVAC? How to Solve a Rattling Air Duct

It’s perfectly normal for your HVAC system to make some noise, such as a hum or a whoosh as air moves through the vents. However, an unnatural sound like rattling noise in ducts could be a sign of a problem. Let’s walk you through the common causes and solutions to rattling noises in an HVAC system.

Debris in Outdoor Unit

Sometimes the rattling noise carried through your ducts is actually emanating from your HVAC unit. If it’s originating from your outdoor unit, some type of debris such as a twig could have gotten through the grate and into the system.

Removing the debris will solve the problem. It’s best to call an HVAC technician to check and fix the unit as the debris could have caused some damage to some of the HVAC components.

Furnace Issues

Rattling noises may also come from your furnace. They could be brought about by:

  • A malfunctioning motor
  • Cover panels that need tightening
  • Fan or blower that’s out of alignment

Due to the sensitive nature of furnace components, these are best fixed by a professional. If it’s the fan or blower that’s causing the rattles and vibrations, your HVAC pro may add a flexible duct connector to lower the noise.

Loose Duct Connections

Loose metal ducts will also rattle against each other and result in an unsettling sound. Seals can lose their adhesive qualities and joined ductwork can become loose as your house ages. It’s advisable to have this problem fixed quickly, as you could be losing a significant amount of conditioned air through open seams.

Dirty Ducts

Loose debris inside your ductwork can be blown around and cause rattling sounds. Larger debris may cause scraping noises. Things like nails, screws, and even small toys can fall into your supply and return vents. Schedule duct cleaning to have all the obstructions resulting in the noises eliminated.

Ductwork repair isn’t something that homeowners can do correctly on their own, so it’s best to call a technician if you hear a rattling noise in ducts. If you need help with any ductwork issues, contact Powers Heating & Air. We offer quality ductwork cleaning, repair, and modifications to Peachtree City residents.

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