Home Comfort Guide: Don’t Compromise Good Indoor Ventilation for Indoor Design

Home Comfort Guide: Don’t Compromise Good Indoor Ventilation for Indoor Design

HVAC elements such as vents and thermostats usually have a functional design, which often detracts from the rest of your decor. And covering them up completely can severely downgrade both their efficiency and your comfort. Fortunately, there are certain tricks you can use to cleverly disguise HVAC elements in interior design. Find out more about them below.

Use Artwork

For your thermostat to function optimally, it has to be installed in a central, unimpeded location. Therefore, it easily sticks out in its ideal location. You can hang a variety of photos or framed artwork around it to make it less conspicuous. Alternatively, hang metal, wood, or woven decorative pieces on the thermostat wall.

Decorate Air Vents

Blocking off air vents can cause airflow restrictions, overheating and reduced HVAC efficiency. Hide these eyesores with decorative grilles. You can actually find attractive grilles with stylish patterns to give your vents a facelift without compromising air circulation.

For your floor vents, you could replace the metal vents with stained wooden ones to match your hardwood flooring.

Build Furniture

You can also camouflage HVAC equipment using furniture. Just make sure there’s enough space between the piece of carpentry and equipment to facilitate free airflow.

You could place your ugly HVAC units inside an open entertainment unit or bookcase. For a mini-split unit that has been installed high on your wall, build a standing cabinet around it. Add art pieces, books, or any other items that blend with your interior design to the shelves above and below the unit. That will make the unit and cabinet look like a cohesive piece.

With a little creativity and carefulness,you can hide your HVAC elements in interior design without causing efficiency loss. For more information on creative hacks to hide your heating and cooling equipment, contact the HVAC experts at Powers Heating & Air. For decades, we’ve been helping homeowners in the Peachtree City area address their HVAC issues.

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