HVAC Economizer Basics

HVAC Economizer Basics

Your HVAC system is likely the most expensive appliance in your home, in terms of energy usage. Keeping your home cool in summer sends power bills through the roof. That being the case, any way to save money and energy, while still maintaining your home comfort, is a welcome sight. An HVAC economizer is one such opportunity, which can lower your energy bills significantly.

How an HVAC Economizer Works

During warm weather, the air in your home tends to heat up faster than the air outdoors, and stay hot long after the outdoor air has cooled down. Often, you need to run your A/C even when the weather is mild.

An economizer takes this problem and turns it to an advantage. It senses when the air is cooler outside than in your home, and brings cool, outdoor air in through a damper. The cool air helps lower the temperature in your home while also reducing your reliance on A/C.

Many economizers also include humidity sensors, to prevent cooler but muggy air from raising the “feels like” temperature in your home. Logic controllers monitor outdoor weather conditions, and if both the temperature and humidity are low enough, it triggers the economizer to kick in, replacing the mechanical A/C in cooling your home. By using an economizer with your HVAC system, you can reduce the need for mechanical cooling in your home by up to 75 percent.

Economizer Installation

HVAC economizers are installed as part of your outdoor A/C unit, to monitor the temperature outside and regulate the system’s operation accordingly. They are sometimes built into commercial HVAC systems automatically. In fact, many states have regulations requiring them in commercial buildings. They are less common in homes.

However, an economizer can still be an important upgrade to your home, and you can still retrofit your A/C unit to include one. It’s a fairly simple process, which can be performed quickly by your HVAC technician.

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