The Best Indoor Temperature to Keep Your Christmas Tree Looking Fresh

The Best Indoor Temperature to Keep Your Christmas Tree Looking Fresh

The Christmas tree allows you to showcase fun decorations and gifts and form joyful everlasting memories for the entire family. However, after purchasing it, you’ll need to take good care of it until the day you remove it from your home. Read on to learn more about the indoor temperature that will keep your tree looking fresh for a long time.

Before Setup

If you won’t be setting the tree up immediately after buying it, be sure to keep it in a cold, dark, and protected place like your garage. You can prolong its freshness by placing it in water. Cut the tree’s base at a slight angle about an inch above the old cut and then put it in the water.

At Display Location

High indoor temperatures and heat are among the chief enemies of Christmas trees, as those elements make the trees dry faster. Make sure you display your tree away from any heat sources, such as near a fireplace or heater, under or over heat vents, and in direct sunlight. The cooler your home is, the slower the tree drying process will be.

It may not be possible for you to lower your indoor temperature significantly at this time of the year, so make up for that by consistently watering your tree. That should make it stay fresh inside your home for at least one month. Set it securely in a good stand that can hold a gallon or more of water.

Don’t stress about the temperature of the water because, according to research, there’s no difference in the uptake of hot, warm, and cold water. Just make sure you maintain a steady supply of water at the base of the tree.

When properly cared for, a Christmas tree richly rewards you with plenty of holiday memories. If you need help with maintaining ideal indoor temperatures in the Peachtree City area, contact the HVAC experts at Powers Heating & Air. We offer valuable heating and cooling services to keep your HVAC equipment in top condition.

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