5 Considerations When Planning a New Furnace Purchase

5 Considerations When Planning a New Furnace Purchase

new furnace considerations

Furnaces are well constructed and will last you quite a few years, but eventually, you’ll start thinking of upgrading to a newer piece of equipment. Since the weather has turned cold and your furnace will be put to the task once again, now is the perfect time for us to look at five new furnace considerations.

Size of the Unit

The first thing to consider when purchasing a new furnace for your home is the size of the unit you’ll be replacing. Unless you’re planning to embark on a redesign of your home that includes reconstruction of the furnace area, the new system should be the same size as the existing one.

Type of Energy

Next up, you need to think about the type of energy that your new furnace will use. There are three options: electric, gas, and oil, and each one is available at a variety of price points and offers different degrees of energy usage.

System Efficiency

Furnace technology in recent years has delivered a level of energy efficiency that simply wasn’t possible a few decades ago, and the units are becoming even more energy-efficient as time goes on. This means you’ll have plenty of choices, but you’ll definitely want to weigh the added cost of a better unit against your potential utility-bill savings.

Installation Process

The installation of a furnace should always be done by a qualified HVAC technician so that no mistakes are made. This will add to the cost of the system, but a professional will offer a guarantee on the work that they perform.

Energy Audit

Since energy bills are such an important factor when discussing the use of HVAC equipment, hiring a professional to perform an energy audit is a great idea. This will provide you with an overall view of the energy efficiency in your home and ensure that you get the most out of the furnace you choose to purchase.

If you have any questions on new-furnace considerations or other home-comfort concerns, reach out to Powers Heating & Air for assistance. We’ve been serving the needs of Peachtree City and the surrounding areas since 2001.

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