How Can You Bring Your HVAC System Up to Date?

How Can You Bring Your HVAC System Up to Date?

Your HVAC system is one of the most energy-hungry appliances in your home. If energy efficiency is your priority, you’ll want to do whatever’s necessary to keep the system’s energy consumption in check. Let’s explore some of the HVAC add-ons that help make your Peachtree City home more energy-efficient.


In humid climates like ours, it’s easy for indoor air to feel stuffy in the summer. A dehumidifier reduces your home’s humidity levels, improving your comfort. But did you know that drier air also feels cooler? You won’t have to rely on your air-conditioning system as much if you use a dehumidifier. Additionally, a dehumidifier eases the strain on your A/C system, allowing it to work more efficiently.

You can install a whole-house dehumidifier in your home’s ductwork to remove the excess moisture in your indoor air quietly.

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to change the temperature automatically to suit your family’s schedule. As a result, you save significantly on energy. For instance, you can turn the temperature setting up in the summer and down in the winter, when nobody’s home, or when you usually go to bed. You can set it to bring the temperature back to a comfortable level just before you come home or wake up.

Many modern programmable thermostats can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or a computer. Therefore, you can change them easily if your plans for the day change. Some models even learn your basic patterns and preferences and adapt to them.

Air Purifier

Dust, grime, allergens, and other airborne particles can accumulate in your HVAC system. They prevent your system from operating at peak efficiency. A standard HVAC filter removes larger particles from the air. An air purifier has high filtration levels. It removes the airborne particles that your HVAC system’s filter may have missed.

The best part is that these accessories not only improve your HVAC system’s overall efficiency but also make your home more comfortable and healthier. If you have any questions about these HVAC add-ons, contact us at Powers Heating & Air. We offer a full range of HVAC products that maximize energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality in your Peachtree City home.

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