The Best Ways to Stay on Top of Servicing Your HVAC System

The Best Ways to Stay on Top of Servicing Your HVAC System

It has been well established that the best way to ensure that your heating equipment stays at the top of its game throughout the winter season is to schedule a yearly checkup with a professional technician. However, there are a few preventative HVAC-maintenance tasks that you can implement yourself to make sure things are running smoothly between visits.

Switch On Your Heating Equipment

Switching on your heating equipment before you actually need it will help identify any repair issues before they become a detriment to your home’s comfort level. If you’ve already used the equipment, pay attention to any strange smells or noises the next time you switch it on.

Test Out Your Thermostat Prior to Winter

Your thermostat is obviously an integral part of keeping your home warm during the colder months. If the thermostat seems to not be working properly, it may need new batteries, or a replacement might be in order.

Inspect Your Heating System

There are several parts of your heating equipment that you can inspect yourself, such as the heat exchanger or the heating elements, the ignition burner assembly, the electrical connections, the belts, the pulleys, and other components. Even if you’ve never checked out the system yourself, you can get a description of all its parts and what to look for by searching for online tutorials.

Check the System’s Air Filter

The function of your heating system’s air filter is to capture dirt and debris so that it isn’t recirculated back into your home, hurting your indoor air quality. It doesn’t take long for the filter to get clogged up, so be sure to check it once per month and either clean it or replace it as needed.

Check Ducts for Damage

The ductwork that runs throughout your home works in conjunction with your heating equipment to ensure that everyone stays warm during the winter season. Check the ducts periodically and repair any damage such as holes, tears, or broken joints.

If you have any other questions about preventative HVAC maintenance, don’t forget that the experts at Powers Heating & Air are standing by to help. We’ve been serving Peachtree City and the surrounding areas since 2001.

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