Here Are the Best Ways to Keep Your HVAC Unit from Overheating

Here Are the Best Ways to Keep Your HVAC Unit from Overheating

There are few things worse than an overheating HVAC system. Best-case scenario, it trips the circuit breaker, which has to be reset. It can also cause more serious damage that needs to be addressed. Here are some signs that your system is overheating — and how to prevent it.

Signs of Overheating

Overheating is often the result of overwork. Therefore, one of the signs is low or no airflow coming from your registers. If the system is on but the room’s not reaching the thermostat temperature, then your unit will continue running much longer than it should, which can cause overheating.

Another way your system overworks itself is short cycling. The unit is on for a few minutes, shuts off for a few minutes, then turns on again for a few minutes. Not only can this overheat the system, it can also burn out the motor and cause other serious problems.

Preventing an Overheating HVAC

Changing your air filter regularly will help keep your airflow from becoming restricted, saving energy and reducing the strain on your system. This will not only help prevent overheating but also help your system last longer.

If your HVAC is short cycling, it may mean that it’s too big for your home. It sends too much air into your home at once, getting it to the right temperature quickly, but it doesn’t last long and has to go through the process again a few minutes later. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace your system. Call your HVAC technician to see what size HVAC is right for your home.

The best way to prevent overheating, though, is with regular maintenance. Dirt accumulating on your system’s components, or simply components on the verge of failing, can cause your system to overwork. When you have your annual tuneup, your HVAC technician can spot these issues early and take care of them before they lead to overheating and other problems.

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